Sunday, July 16, 2006

IMP Error connecting to IMAP server. 22 : Invalid argument.

IMP was giving me this error today when trying to login. Turns out that since I had the IMAP server set to use SSL (the default), PHP needs openSSL *compiled statically*, not just the openSSL extension. To fix this in FreeBSD using ports, I just did:

cd /usr/ports/lang/php4
make config
-> check the "Build OpenSSL statically" option
make clean
make deinstall
make reinstall

horde sidebar menu hangs on login after turba configuration

I was installing horde today on a new server, and noticed that after doing all of my configs, the sidebar would hang pretty much indefinitely when trying to login. I poked around for a bit and eventually found that turba was the issue. A little googling and a mailing list post led me to the information that the problem is the LDAP source in the turba/config/sources.php file. I don't use LDAP, so I commented out the LDAP source by changing:

if ( Util::extensionExists('ldap')) {


if ( false && Util::extensionExists('ldap')) {

in config/turba/sources.php and it now works perfectly.