Monday, November 29, 2004

Installing vpopmail to a directory other than the default

I was setting up a FreeBSD machine with Matt's Mail Toaster today, and I couldn't seem to get vpopmail to install anywhere except for /usr/local/vpopmail, even though I specified in toaster-watcher.conf that the vpopmail directory should be /home/vpopmail. After some digging, I found that the vpopmail install checks the home directory of the vpopmail user in order to find out where it should install to. So, I did

chsh vpopmail

and changed the home directory to /home/vpopmail. To get it to work seamlessly, though, I also had to set PREFIX=/home before doing the vpopmail install, so the line was:

env PREFIX=/home -s vpopmail

or, if you're using the ports on your own:
env PREFIX=/home make install

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