Thursday, June 02, 2005

Proftpd can't find inside chroot jail

I was trying to make the switch to purely virtual ftp users in Proftpd, but noticed that the jailed Proftpd binary (created with my Proftpd Chroot script) was having trouble finding the mySQL libraries. No problem, I thought, it tells me what file it can't find, so I'll just copy them into their respective homes underneath the chroot jail. The first two went fine, and, but even after copying from /usr/local/lib/mysql/ to /usr/chroot/proftpd/usr/local/lib/mysql, which is underneath my chroot jail, Proftpd still couldn't find it on startup. After tinkering with the file location and doing some google searching, I found a thread related to shared objects that suggested using strace on a binary file to determine where exactly it's looking for a particular shared object. Aha! Proftpd running under the jail, for reasons I haven't yet figured out, wants to be in /usr/lib. No mySQL sub directory or anything, just in the standard /usr/lib directory. After moving the file there, proftpd started up like a charm.

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